What’s In A Name?

Evidently to the NFL, everything.

The National Football League already owns the right to the word “Superbowl”, and has been starting to control the word into a “pay to say” state of ridiculousness.

Now reports have the NFL trying to lock down the term “Big Game”. There has been no word from Laker legend “Big Game” James Worthy on how he feels about it.

That’s quite a progression to the absurd for a word that was created after former K.C. Chiefs owner and football legend Lamar Hunt watched his grandaughter play with a superball and coined the term Superbowl.

The NFL stepped on themselves this past Superbowl by sending threatening letters to church groups that were planning to host Superbowl parties, before backing off slightly. You can’t have a bunch of teens running around church excited about football and loosely throwing around Superbowl after all.

This debacle will only take folks underground and force them to create new Superbowl names, Evan Fields style.

Mucho Grande Fiesta con Futbol, Super Game, Big Bowl, All The Marbles, and Winner or No Winner all come to mind.

I wonder if the NFL (Superbowl,Big Game), Pat Riley (Threepeat), and Michael Buffer (Let’s Get Ready To Rumble) have “I copyrighted ridiculous words and phrases” parties and smoke cigars and giggle?

In the meantime, don’t let anyone catch you talking about the Superbowl, where you hope the participants are ready to rumble on their way to a threepeat.


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