To New Orleans, Or Not To New Orleans

That was the debate this past week in the media, and with NBA players and their union.

Seems after they got a taste of a weekend of violence that Las Vegas hosted during the NBA All Star Game they became a bit skittish. Their concern seems to be that a still rebuilding New Orleans might not have the ability to provide the proper level of security.

I saw a suggestion online that stated it would be best to have this event out of the country, so thugs and vandals could not make the trip. Their assumption was that a passport and travel money would be a hindrance. I only have a two word argument for this: Soccer Fans.

We will have a perfect litmus test for this to see if we may have a problem on our hands. The Arena Football League will be having their championship in The Big Easy.

If security can handle the tens of fans that show up for this, we should be alright.


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