Post All Star Thoughts

I don’t normally make a habit of watching the NBA All-Star game, but as I checked in on it after halftime, and found out that Kobe Bryant was the most likely MVP candidate, I suddenly had a new reason to tune in: rooting against Kobe.

Unfortunately, this only lead to disappointment, but the game was relatively fun to watch otherwise. You’ve got to give to basketball for making exhibition games much more interesting than the other sports. In the MLB All Star game, strikeouts are three times as likely as homeruns; in the Pro Bowl, “don’t hurt anybody” is the cardinal rule; and in hockey, well . . . do they even have an all star game in hockey?

So while the NBA All Star game is “not real basketball,” that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch. And while I’m at it, here’s some entertaining thoughts of my own:

  • Is it just me, or does Chris Bosh (pictured) actually look like a Raptor?
    Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh
  • Shawn Marion is the Vladimir Guerrero of the NBA. (I really hope I am the first person in the history of the universe to even think of this sentence.)
  • Shaq had a moment when he could have made the highlight of the night. He waved everyone up court as he took it up himself, getting the crowd’s attention by doing a little showboat ball-handling. But when he finally got isolated with Mehmet Okur at the top of the key, he ended up settling for a 17 footer, which he bricked. This reminded me of a youth game when the biggest, most uncoordinated kid on the team also thinks he should run the point. Unfortunately for Shaq, his turn didn’t turn out much better.

One thought on “Post All Star Thoughts

  1. Thanks for never reading my entries there Slick.Uhh….I guess “We now officially end our NBA All Star Weekend coverage………….” doesn’t mean the same on the East Coast as it does on the West Coast.I know, I know…..if I want to to do something about it, I know where to find you. Real nice…..Intrinsic


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