Helping Hardaway

Using a mixture of the Michael Richards racism and Eminem gay foot in mouth extravaganzas, here is Tim Hardaway’s course back to semi redemption:

1) Call your friend Jerry Seinfeld and get on David Letterman ASAP. Getting Seinfeld to accompany you on a meeting with David Stern a plus.

2) Meet with Gay Rights organization and dedicate some time and money (if you don’t have time, leave more money). Mix in a rambling half rationalization half apology for your misstep.

3) Drop a hit rap cd.

4) Meet with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. This is a multi issue remedy. I would also suggest this for Schickney Spears, but that’s a different blog entry.

5) Sing a duet with Elton John and make sure to hug him sincerely.

6) Beg Ahmad Rashad to take your calls.

7) Start a grass roots misdirection campaign telling people it was actually Penny Hardaway that made the bonehead remarks. Or even Little Penny.


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