Tim Hardaway Is Rolling Over In His Grave

The title for this entry barely aced out:

“What Happens In Vegas……..”

If you are an NBA and or TNT fan, you’ll know that Charles Barkley age 44 began running smack about the age and fitness of longtime NBA referee Dick Bavetta age 67 earlier this season.

This good spirited back and forth built to the point where there had to be a race to see if Chuck could back up his words.

Check out the video

At the end of the race which somehow ended with both participants lying on the floor, Chuck and Bavetta got up, dusted themselves off, hugged and then bussed each other on the lips like a couple on a prom date.

The NBA removed Tim Hardaway from promoting the NBA at various events this weekend in Vegas after he shared his strong anti-homosexual opinions in an interview asking his thoughts on gays playing in the NBA. This line of questioning was brought on news of a book written by ex-NBA player John Amaeche revealing he’s gay.

I can visualize Hardaway shooting out his TV Elvis style after seeing these two guys lock onto each other.

Here’s the reason Hardaway never played for the Nets or Bulls.


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