The Pippen Coinkidink

Scottie Pippen announced this week that he’s looking to return to the NBA.

You’ll remember Pippen’s best days spent as Robin to Michael Jordan’s Batman as they scored six championships in two separate 3 in a row runs with the Chicago Bulls.

Today he tried out for any willing suitors via nationwide television while competing in the 2007 NBA All Stars Skill Competition.

He competed in the Shooting Stars portion where selected franchises are represented by a current WNBA and NBA player, along with a player from the past. They alternate making shots on different areas of the court then convene at half court and cycle until someone hits that shot as well. This all is timed and the team able to accomplish it in the shortest amount of time wins.

Scottie looked fabulous in this tryout,……..err exhibition. That is, he looked fabulous when being compared to the other old timers on the other teams, namely George Gervin, Michael Cooper, and Bill Laimbeer. Each of which have been out of the league much longer than he has.

I’m the last one to fault an older dude for wanting to lace ’em back up. But Pippen is 41 years old. He’s been out of NBA level competition for 2 1/2 years. He suffered from back and knee ailments post MJ at Chicago, Houston, Portland, and then back at Chicago before he retired.

The reality is that someone will most likely give him the opportunity and it probably will be someone in the East Conference.

After finding this article, I’m betting that contract will be for about $5 million dollars. It seems Scottie and his wife started a company and purchased a plane, but never got around to paying for it. An appeals court upheld the judgement, so maybe it was as good a time for a comeback as any.

The Frappe sees you working Scottie.


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