It is better to have been offered an extension and then be fired, than to never have been extended at all.” – IntrinsicBent

San Diego Chargers management showed their Head Coach, Marty Schottenheimer the door today after only recently offering him a whopping 1 year extension.

Schottenheimer’s results are a mixed bag at best. Often while at Cleveland, Kansas City and San Diego his teams performed well in(200-126-1 including a brief stint at Washington) the regular season only to tank like the Titanic in the postseason. He owns a dismal 5-13 playoff record and a .278 playoff winning percentage.

The latest turn of events are strange as his relationship with Chargers’ GM A.J. Smith deteriorated to the point where Smith obviously won favor with owners Alex and Dean Spanos to show Marty the door.

The odd thing is the way the cards were played. Schottenheimer barely spoke to Smith reportedly due to disagreeing with his handling of some player personnel decisions including allowing free agent quarterback Drew Brees to walk and go to the New Orleans Saints.

Last month Schottenheimer was offered a measly one year extension through 2008 after losing in the first round against the New England Patriots, which he declined, exacerbating the toxic environment.

Dean Spanos seems to have used the fact that two of their coordinators left the team to be Head Coaches, and two assistant coaches left to become coordinators as the reasoning to end what he termed “a dysfunctional situation here.”

Due to Schottenheimer’s known short remaining tenure, they had difficulties attracting assistants and coordinators, knowing they may be swept out after the coach’s exodus.

San Diego is a team that should have a very bright future with young superstar talent and strong odds to make a Superbowl soon. I’m not sure why they would wait to make this decision after every other team with a Head Coach need has filled their positions. Maybe they just want to hear the Pete Carroll rumors begin to make themselves feel good.

Working schlubs like you and me shouldn’t waste too much time feeling bad for The Schott though. The Chargers will have to pay him more than $3 million for the year he has left on his contract.


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