Ex Grossman Ruins The Day

Mrs. Bent gave me permission to use that hilarious title that she created with about 4 minutes left in today’s Superbowl contest. You never know what she’s going to say during the course of an NFL game. She’s a huge fan of football. Today she outed me in front of our game guests for having seen a Purple Rain cd in my car. I’m sure it was planted.

The blogosphere seems to be treating today’s game between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts as a big snorefest.

I don’t see it that way. It was a close game between the NFL’s 2006 #1 Defense (Bears) and #1 Offense (Colts) which is highly preferable to those that are basically decided by halftime.

The Bears started out looking like they’d crush Indy. For the first time in Superbowl history, an opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. Devin Hester took it to the house for the first time on an opening kickoff in 41 years. This forced the Colts to kick squibbs from that point forward.

Then, Manning threw a quick interception in their first series that made it seem that Mr. Momentum was in the Bears’ pocket.

There was wet inclement weather, turnovers aplenty, and even a miss by the clutch leg himself, Adam Vinatieri.

Good guy Tony Dungy got a ring, and Peyton Manning can go forward building his inevitable Hall of Fame career without the question of whether he’ll ever win the big one or not. The guy is a surgeon and coach on the field.

The score was tight into the 4th quarter when the Bears had to go away from their gameplan of keeping the game out of Rex Grossman’s hands. He threw two back breaking interceptions that had the arcs like balls you used to throw to yourself high in the air allowing enough time to get under it and catch it. No kidding.

The Bears will have a solid future as long as they do one thing before next season.

Change their quarterback and send him to the Arena League as quickly as time allows. Do it on the plane home.

Seriously, you have to do it.


One thought on “Ex Grossman Ruins The Day

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