The Superbowl Is On Notice

It is the eve of the mother of all sports contests. No other sport (yes, even soccer) can boast of a bigger game that is played in their sport. The Superbowl is the pinnacle event of professional sports.

There are some things about this spectacle that are taxing though. For this reason, I’ve put the Superbowl on notice.

1) 2 Week Layoff – This is number one because it is the main contributing factor to the Superbowl Fatigue Phenomenon (SFP). There are only so many story lines and even fewer interesting ones. This creates a heavy regurge cycle.

2) 1985 Bear Comparisons – This is something you’d do with your boys once, argue about it, and then leave it alone. You’ve heard this solid for the past two weeks.

3) Peyton Manning As A Skilled Loser – Manning has never won the big one on any level, yada, yada, yada. This leads up to the whether Manning is a great quarterback that more resembles Elway…..or Marino discussion. The real question is, can we handle even more Peyton commercials should he win the big one? Discuss amongst yourselves.

4) Head Coaches’ Skin Color – Sorry Jesse (Jackson), these guys are great coaches. ‘Nuff Said.

5) Good Rex Vs. Bad Rex – I wish Rex would figure it out so we didn’t have to wonder. It’s draining.

6) Wack Statistical Comparisons – The AFC teams that have had 7 lefthanded players and had 3 points in the 1st 3 minutes have won every time. Statisticians get geeked over the Superbowl. And probably Deal or No Deal.

7) Champs $73k Losers $38k – These are the amounts that last year’s combatants reportedly pulled down each. This is chump change to these guys. How about having this money go to a charitable cause. You could create a competition within a competition. And more story lines in the process.

8) Softball Media Day Questions – This is fine journalism here. “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” or “Do you think you can win?” KnowledgeDroppings, get on your job and get us into this event next year.


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