Intrinsic’s Conference Championship Picks

First off a little disclaimer. These picks are not intended for use in gambling activities.

I know it’s tempting because of the fact they’re locks, but refrain just the same.

The Patriots will find a way to win this.

When looking at the teams to pick the guy you wish their team would win for, it’d have to be Quarterback Tom Brady on the Patriot side of the line. If the Colts win you’d be happy for Head Coach Tony Dungy.

It’s a lock.

In the other conference, my pick to win is the New Orleans Saints. This isn’t a sentimental pick, although there’d be nothing wrong with that.

Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees is performing very well and will be lining up against a Chicago Bear defense that is limping.

Frappe historians will most likely point out that last week I held no hope for Bears’ quarterback Rex Grossman to perform well under playoff pressure. He proved me wrong for the week, but I have no reason to believe he can string two solid playoff games together.

Sorry Bears, this is not 1985.

4 thoughts on “Intrinsic’s Conference Championship Picks

  1. As you can see, prognosticating ain’t easy.

    For all of you emailing me concerned, of course I will pick the Superbowl winner.

    I’m just glad Money’s gotten back to posting again.



  2. IAm:
    Oh boy: I forgot to read the line about no gambling. But, with your absolute and positive declarations under oath, I didn’t think it could be gambling to put a little action on those “LOCKS.”
    This is what Sir William Blackstone must have meant when he said:
    “Let others with unsparing hand,
    Enflame dissension, kindle strife,
    And strew with ills the path of life:
    On such her gifts let Fortune shower,
    Add wealth to wealth, and power to power:”

    If I had only recognized it before I laid my children’s money on the line.


  3. IAm:

    It is awesome to have you back. I’ve learned my lesson on that little misunderstanding we had a while back.

    I’m sorry to hear about your kids’ money and all. There are some really good Tech Schools, so tell them they still have options now that college is out.

    It’s similar to what that great poet/philosopher Doris Day from last century once said “Whatever will be, will be.”



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