Adrian Peterson Is In

According to Oklahoma University’s website today, running back Adrian Peterson has decided to forgo his final year at OU and enter the NFL draft.

As a freshman in 2004, Peterson was a Heisman finalist behind that year’s winner Matt Leinart.

This is a good decision for the hard working Peterson. The average life expectancy of an NFL back is somewhere around 2 years. Peterson experienced injuries this past season which may knock him down a few positions.

His career at OU consisted of heavy carry counts and hard hitting.

Is it possible that the Houston Texans might try to recover from last year’s drafting debacle and choose Peterson?

One thought on “Adrian Peterson Is In

  1. peterson 1st overall to the raiders, who still won’t have a line for him, then the texans jarrett who should have stayed anyway, cleveland takes the heisman winning but lackluster performing qb, and no one makes any head way! in the words of rob schneider, “we suck again!”


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