Smashmouth Football

The BCS Championship Game between Florida and Ohio State is very physical.

I’m not talking about the high scoring explosive first quarter that’s coming to an end as I write this.

I’m referring to the aggressiveness in the tunnels. For some reason I focused in on an elderly gray haired man that unwisely found himself smack dab in the middle of the torrent of Florida Gators rushing onto the field. I saw him get bumped numerous times and then get the crazy eyes as they kept flooding up behind him. Then thankfully, the camera cut away. I don’t need to see violence against the aged when I’m only tuning in to see collegiate violence.

You feel me?

It doesn’t end there though.

Ohio State bumrushed the field shortly after my senior friend got mauled. I didn’t see it happen, but I saw a law enforcement officer picking himself up and trying to collect his smokey hat from the ground. It appeared like he was the victim of a jump-in, but I think he too, only got tunneled.

Smashmouth style baby…..before the coin toss. You gotta love that.


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