Scoreboard: BCS

The Old Skool representative of the Frappe is done.

I’ve hated on the BCS system that is one part Matrix, one part coin flip, and one part popularity contest far too long.

You will no longer read takes from me that cry out for a playoff system.

I’m done.
There was nothing wrong with tonight’s matchup that possessed compelling story lines, #2 beating #1, or likable winners and losers.

USC would not have beaten the team that Florida had out there tonight.

Boise State could not have run enough Statue of Liberty, Center Sneak, Flea Flicker, or Hidden Ball plays to stave off the defense that the Gators ran amuck with.

I’ve seen prison movies that were less stressful than the Gators tonight.

Not bad for a team that basically backed into the game. If USC would have been able to beat their cross town rival, they would have most likely been in tonight’s game………and lost.

My only dissapointment was that there were no athletes proposing marriage, no broadcasters blowing said athlete’s proposal, and that one dude on the Gators’ sideline that used to run it with the Cowboys and Cardinals didn’t break out into Samba.

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