From Preseason to Postseason

So the Wild Card round of playoffs is over, and there are no wild cards left. Has this ever happened before?

I don’t know, this wasn’t a rhetorical question, I’m actually curious about the answer.

This is a nice time to remind you Frappers about our preseason Super Bowl picks, (as if you’d forgotten). Money Mouth and I still have both our choices in the running, which gives us instant cred in the blogosphere, (sorry I can’t say the same for Intrinsic).

But as many of you know, the BiCoastal Bias is quick to admit when he’s wrong, (just like he’s quick to refer to himself in the third person). For instance, I am quite willing to admit that Vince Young has made me look like a fool this season.

A lot happens during the regular season, and I’m no longer sticking with my choice of New England and Chicago to play the big game. Chicago should have no problem getting by Seattle this week, but I really doubt their ability to outplay the winner of Philadelphia and New Orleans.

And New England, well, we all know what a fan I am of Bill Belichick, but this team just doesn’t have the defense to keep up with their mediocre offense.

So who are my postseason picks for the Super Bowl? I’ve got Philadelphia beating Baltimore. The same picks Money Mouth had 4 months ago . . . dang it.


4 thoughts on “From Preseason to Postseason

  1. I have to change shirts real quick, this one has bus tire marks on it from you throwing me under.

    Who is Money? All I see is anonymity.

    See you at the office. Next time just pick up the phone and intercom me.




  2. Good to know that Bicoastal has finally seen the light. Eagles over Ravens was a sweet pick.

    Although I’m having my doubts now about the two teams, I’m sticking to my guns.



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