Everything Old Is New Again

I have to say I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Styles come and go and then come again. Still have stacks and skinny ties? Hold onto them, eventually your kids will want to wear them.

It’s the same thing in the sports world, for better or for worse.

This week the Big Unit returned to the desert and the Arizona Diamondbacks, where he experienced his biggest team success in winning a Series. There has been no breaking news about Curt Schilling coming back too. I guess it IS better to burn out than fade away after all.

One of the NBA’s favorite nomadic sons is returning to one of his 8 previous employs. Larry Brown is now the Executive Vice President for the Philadelphia 76ers. Rumor has always had it that he was at times hard to handle by upper management. Guess in his case, being difficult helped to climb the ladder. This is probably just a title manipulation to keep the Pistons on the hook for their settlement payments for his last coaching contract. He can amuse himself with puppet mastering and teasing ownership about returning to coach from the owner’s box.

Andy Pettite is returning to pitch for the New York Yankees, after being a Starting Injury for the Houston Astros. He did talk Roger Clemens into joining the ‘Stros who in turn talked the ‘Stros into bringing his son Kobe into the organization as a minor league player. What a tangled web.

The Oakland Raiders sent Art Shell back to not being a Head Coach in the NFL. They never did seem to get their time machine concept up and running that was going to return them back to the 1980’s glory era.

My favorite retro move though has to be the reinstatement of some old leather. NBA Commissioner David Stern sucker punched PETA and returned to the good ole original ball made out of that organic matter better known as the hide of a cow. That officially makes it the new old ball.

Finally, I’d now like to speak to a specific segment of the Frappe Nation. The Mulletheads. Go ahead and cut that boy down now. I know, I know……….business in front……….but that one’s not coming back.


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