This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Here’s a life lesson for you kids. Don’t do drugs.

Don’t be caught RUI (Reporting Under the Influence).

I thought the report I read on was a joke, hoax, or prank, but I guess it’s not.

Read this excerpt of an article by Adam Schefter:

“An outside-the-box idea for Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, who requested suggestions from the media during his press conference:

Interview Deion Sanders for the vacant head coaching job.

Sound ridiculous to hire a former player with no coaching experience? No more ridiculous than hiring former NBA player Avery Johnson with no coaching experience. All he did was lead the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA championship series. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thought outside the box, and was rewarded for it. Huizenga could be as well.

Deion would love to break into coaching, love to do it in Miami and would succeed in that area just as he has succeeded in all others. If Huizenga is unwilling to take my word for it, fine. But he should talk to Sanders and see for himself.

Certainly established coaches haven’t worked for the Dolphins, and Sanders couldn’t do any worse. And the guess is he’d do markedly better.”

Deion also played baseball at the Major League level. Should we let him manage a team and be the first Two Sport skipper?

You cannot Coach an NFL team with zero coaching experience under your belt.
Look at the great College coaches that went from the College to pro ranks only to choke in the workaholic, seven day a week work environment (Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, etc).

There’s a long list of coaches with solid NFL Coordinator experience that didn’t get it done (Dave Wanstedt, Buddy Ryan, etc).

There’s no way that Deion or anyone else can just strap on a whistle for the first time and roll into the locker room and have success.

The modern day pro football team has a huge playbook, huge salaries, huge egos, and huge behavior disorders to contend with.

There is ownership, coach, media, publicity, agents, and player segments to manage and protect your staff, players, and self from.

The Avery Johnson example is weak too. Johnson was a player coach with Dallas and also sat under the tutelage of then Dallas Maverick Head Coach Don Nelson.

Certainly established coaches haven’t worked for the Dolphins, and Sanders couldn’t do any worse. And the guess is he’d do markedly better.”

Sanders could do worse. And he would.

Superstar success in one area of life does not ensure success in others. Think Magic Johnson and Talk Show or Michael Jordan and Baseball.

Come off the ledge Mr. Huizenga. The media will not help you.


2 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain On Drugs

  1. adam sure is taking a lot of heat the past couple of weeks –

    first the raiders accuse him of being a bronco fan and a negative rumor monger –

    now the old skool commish is bagging on him for his idea –

    “prime time” would be no worse than millen as a gm, ralph wilson as an owner – something to read about when times got slow and dull –

    truthfully i don’t think deion could handle being the top dawg in the decision making area, but i think that certain nfl coaches have less credentials than prime time –

    saban got too much money and went to where he could be successful – it happens in other sports – brenly left the booth to take the d-backs – torre left the booth to manage the cards, mets, and yanks –


  2. I may be wrong (you know better than that) but I think the intricacies of being a head coach in the NFL are more than those in baseball or basketball.

    I’m looking for this Hack to report that Jerome Bettis should be the next Head Coach of the Steelers now that Cowher has stepped down.

    Thanks for commenting. Let ‘er rip.



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