Fiesta Bowl 2007

If you missed the Fiesta Bowl tonight . . . I’m sorry.  You missed a game that was so much more than a game.  The very match up demanded media attention well before bowl season began.  Undefeated Boise State became only the second non-BCS team to get into a BCS bowl; Sooner fans claimed that a certain squad of referees screwed them out of a national championship bid.  Clearly both of these teams had something to prove.

The first 58 minutes played out with like a typical, exciting college bowl game; featuring a classic touchdown drive followed by three tries at a two point conversion due to penalties.  It was only now that things got ridiculous.

The last minute and thirty seconds of regulation featured an Oklahoma interception returned for a touchdown; and a fourth down fifty yard hook and ladder touchdown by Boise State.  This led us to where we thought we were going a couple minutes ago: overtime.

Oklahoma got an easy seven on their first possession.  Boise State pulled out all the stops to get their touchdown.  Their scoring play started with a direct snap to the running back, and what appeared to be a flood left turned into an end zone pass.

Here is where I could no longer believe what was happening: Boise State went for two.  Apparently they were just tired of playing – sort of like when I go all in at a poker table I’m just bored of sitting at.  I actually found myself frustrated at Boise’s choice, because this meant the game would be over, and I just didn’t want it to end.

So Boise lined up with trips right.  They faked a screen to one of the receivers, while quarterback Zabransky handed the ball off statue of liberty style for an easy score to the left.

To cap it all off, Boise running back Ian Johnson proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend during the post game interview.  Like I said, some games are more than a game.


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