The Chicago Conundrum

As this NFL regular season comes to a close, there is one phenomenon that will categorize 2006: mediocrity.  I don’t mean that word with all of the negative connotations that are normally associated with it.  And I certainly wouldn’t call Ladanian Tomlinson and the Chargers’ season mediocre.  But on the whole, this season has featured a lack of dominant teams.  

The best example is the Chicago Bears.  I shouldn’t have to remind you that this particular blogger picked the Bears to go to the Super Bowl back in week 1.  So while I could be gloating about their 13 and 2 record; instead I’m quickly admitting that this team has been finding ways to win amidst their mediocrity week after week.  

Now I’m torn on whether I should jump ship or not.  On the one hand, I think both Philadelphia and New Orleans are better teams than Chicago, so much better that they could very well beat the Bears in Chicago.  However, the Bears seem to have this knack for winning lucky, and I don’t have reason to believe that their luck will run out just because the games are of the playoff variety.  

In public, the current debate about the Bears’ potential has centered around Tank Johnson – a key defensive lineman who was arrested a couple weeks ago for illegal possession of firearms.  Johnson is currently serving a team suspension for this fact, as well as other off the field tragedies surrounding this event.

I find this debate interesting, because everyone seems to agree that Johnson deserves to be suspended for the remainder of the season, but for different reasons.  I’ve heard one commentator claim that “If you can’t trust Johnson to make the right decisions off the field, then you can’t trust him to make the right decisions on the field.”

I’m not debating Johnson’s suspension, but this reasoning is completely bogus.  If you want your organization to be viewed as a franchise with class, then sitting Tank out for the duration of this obvious turmoil is a completely justified move, (especially while the details of his bodyguard’s murder are being sorted out).

But to claim that this suspension is for purely football reasons is asinine.  The truth is, very bad men can be great football players, and on top of that, sometimes they are even great teammates.  I’m not going to try to list examples of this, I don’t think I know enough about player’s personal lives, or relationships within the locker rooms to pass this judgment.  Tank Johnson would definitely be a great help to the Bears Super Bowl run, even while he’s dealing with this scandal.  

In life, making the right decisions can often cost us things we really wanted.  For the Bears, making the right decision to suspend Johnson might very well cost them a Super Bowl ring.  


3 thoughts on “The Chicago Conundrum

  1. Bi-Coast, you are good, but the ‘issue’ I’d like to see discussed is the need for a 6’4″ 300# defensive lineman to have a personal bodyguard. I understand that this man is not your average 6’3″ milquetoast pacifist, playing chess down at the local library. He’s in the NFL for crying out loud!With behavior problems such as he has exhibited, They should fine him for being out of uniform. His uniform should be that of a Bengal!!UncaLar


  2. as long as success is reality, then every other reality is ignored –you are incredibly intelligent and your argument is flawed only slightly – unfortunately there are people in this world that believe character is important and that people should be held accountable for their actions regardless of how many baskets they can score, how many touchdowns they score, or how many tackles they make, or strikeouts they get, or home runs they hit –to say that something exists, i.e. bad people who are good athletes and good teammates, and then claim not to know enough to sight examples is weak, although it may be true –the reason the bears suspended tank is arguable, but with the power of the unions in pro sports, they would be leaving themselves open to all kinds of legal stuff due to the collective bargaining stuff —this argument always makes me sad because society has usurped every principle jesus ever taught and good people buy into society and forsake christianity –winning is not the goal to success – this is an opinion, i realize as lombardi’s “winning isn’t evrything, it’s the only thing” is —even brining up leonard little, lawrence phillips, ray carruth, ray lewis, art schleister, isaiah (all me j.r.) rider, darius miles, sebastian telfair, as examples other than the bengals roster who get or got to play regardless of their societal shortcomings –then there is o.j., barry bonds, and air jordan who walk around after their missteps prove that society could care less about rules as long as you produce results –i know i’m spitting into a tornado, but that is the nature of this medium –


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