Michigan OSU Rematch? I Think Not

The Michigan / OSU game was as good as we had hoped, which is good, because it is rare that a game lives up to the amount of hype that this one received.  

The fallout is that Michigan is still ranked second in the BCS standings, while USC is an incredibly close third.  This has, of course, inspired the debate over whether the national title game should be a rematch of Saturday’s game.

Before I get to my opinion on this debate, let me just say that I love the way this college football season is wrapping up.  Once Rutgers lost, it became very clear that we have six teams in the running for this year’s championship bowl.  

And even better is the fact that we have something that almost looks like a playoff system, starting with the Big Ten matchup of yesterday.  Next week, we’ve got number 3 USC going against number 5 Notre Dame; and on December 1st we’ll see number 4 Florida take on number 6 Arkansas in the SEC championship game.  

Unfortunately, this leaves us with 3 teams with an honest argument for the national championship game, and only two sidelines to put them on.  But we all know the system is flawed, so we’ll have to accept the fact that one team is the odd-man-out.

I think I’ve made my position clear, I don’t think Michigan should get another chance against OSU in January.  First of all, I genuinely believe that another one of the four teams mentioned above deserve a chance to beat the Buckeyes.

But more importantly, if we did have a rematch, and Michigan won it, wouldn’t we all feel the need to have a third tiebreaker game?  Otherwise, Saturday’s game would feel rather meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  The implication is that two teams from the same conference should never end up head to head for the championship; and I think this makes sense, for the same reason two teams from the AFC will never play each other in the Super Bowl.  

So here’s the predictions from BiCoastal Bias:  I’ve got Arkansas beating Florida, and USC beating Notre Dame and UCLA.  This should sway the computers to making USC a clear cut number two.  As for the championship, I think USC is going to do to OSU what Texas did to USC last year.  Just remember, you heard it from me, Frappers.


2 thoughts on “Michigan OSU Rematch? I Think Not

  1. I have USC beating the hell out of Notre Dame. There isn’t a more over-rated team in College Football. I mean… what was the last good win for the Notre Dame program? They shouldn’t have beat UCLA or Michigan St. That said, I have UCLA finally beating USC. Okay…that’s probably more wishful thinking then anything else, BUT I have a feeling. Lets leave it at that. If that happens then I have Arkansas going to the National Championship game, and keeping it close.


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