3 Months Closer to March Madness

Thank goodness it’s November. While many of you are tuning your satellite dishes and cable boxes to the nearest NBA, NFL, or College Football game and feasting on some tofurky, Money Mouth is ready for some basketball of a purer form. In case you weren’t aware, college basketball has already tipped things off and I’m digging every second of it.

While some of you might share in my appreciation for college basketball, there are a decent number of you who don’t. And while some might throw the argument that the college b-ball game is better because it is more team oriented or perhaps because players are not having to explain why they fired a gun off after leaving a strip club at 4AM, my reasons are more simplistic.

The reason why I love college basketball boils down to one thing: anyone can win. While, yes, this can be frustrating since it means that your team could possibly lose any given game (i.e. KU vs. Oral Roberts this past week), it’s what makes this game so entertaining.

Take for instance a game I watched about a week and a half ago: San Diego State University vs. Point Loma Nazarene University. If you haven’t heard of the latter school it’s probably because they are a tiny private school of 2500 full-time students that is associated with the NAIA when it comes to sports. This also means they have no business competing with a basketball team that actually made the NCAA tournament last year. So while I settled in to my seat at the COX Arena expecting to see a blowout the last thing I expected to see was a close game. And despite the 20 point lead at half-time by the Aztecs, that is exactly what I got. With 2 minutes left in the game, Point Loma had resurrected the 3-ball and had pulled within 4 points. Now that’s a game. Unfortunately, those pesky Sea Lions ended up losing by 8.

So while the focus right now might be on how the San Francisco 49ers just moved into playoff contention or how we might have a split championship in college football, I’ll be holding onto these words:

“It’s November, which means we’re 3 months closer to March Madness.”


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