Memo To Oakland: Hire The Dog

I am going to do the Oakland Athletics a favor and help them hire their next Manager, after they fired previous Manager Ken Macha at the end of last season.

Hire the Bulldog. It’s a slam dunk.

Orel Hershiser has the goods. He has the records, ring, cerebral capacity, and has some coaching experience. He knows the game.

My critics (I know, it’s hard to believe they exist) will say “But Intrinsic, how can you give the keys to the airplane to someone that has never sat in the pilot’s seat?”

Number one, that doesn’t even make sense. Airplanes don’t even have keys, they……………………oh never mind.

It’s true that Hershiser’s coaching experience only consists of being the pitching coach for the Texas Rangers from June 2002 through the end of the season in 2005. But are you going to blame him for not being able to reduce the heat in the middle of the Texas summer that always seems to reduce that team to a chronic third or fourth place finisher in their division?

I mean, the only thing Mr. Hershiser has ever really accomplished in addition to that weeny pitching coach stint was to have a career record of 204-149 over 18 years, finishing with a 3.48 ERA that was greatly affected by pitching for crappy teams toward the end of his career (I’ll give you that was his choice).

He did get that Major League record 59 scoreless innings, won the Cy Young, defeated the same Oakland A’s twice in the World Series, and collected MVP honors all in the year of 1988. He also performed front office duties for the Rangers on two separate occasions.

But he probably doesn’t have much of a grasp for the game, does he?

I’ll tell you who I’m really bent at is my Angels club who lost their pitching coach Bud Black, when he replaced the San Diego Padres’ departing Manager Bruce Bochy.

Why have they not made a play for Hershiser’s services? He and Manager Mike Scioscia and hitting coach Mickey Hatcher all played on that ’88 Dodgers team together, and would make a great coaching team. I think the young starting pitching staff for the Angels would greatly benefit from a SoCal legend like The Bulldog.

Plus, it would punk the Dodgers, which is great as we compete for the City of Los Angeles.

I’m kidding, we don’t desire to be the Orange County representative for LA.



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