Texas Loses, Football Fans Win

This is the BiCoastal Bias take on this weekend in sports.  First of all, let me let out a little Hallelujah, Texas lost.  Maybe it’s because I just don’t like them, maybe it’s because I didn’t think anyone on their squad except Vince Young deserved last year’s championship ring, but I absolutely did not want to see this team in the championship.

We don’t have to worry about that anymore, as well as a slew of other one loss teams, but that doesn’t mean there are any less debate topics for the end of this college football season.  For instance, if Michigan and Ohio State play a close game this Saturday, does the loser deserve a rematch in the national title game, or should a different one loss team get a shot at OSU?  . . . err, I mean whoever finishes undefeated.  Who should that second team be – USC, Florida, Notre Dame?  If Rutgers beats West Virginia and finishes undefeated, should they get a shot at the title?  

There’s one problem with this debate: the computers aren’t listening.  When I pontificate over the reasons why Derek Jeter should not be the American League MVP, at least I feel like there’s a chance my opinion could somehow influence someone out there with a vote, I’m talking about the type of chance Lloyd Christmas gets excited about in Dumb and Dumber.  But the computers don’t hear any of this, or anything that anyone is saying, which leaves me feeling a bit helpless.

Meanwhile, speaking of stupid policies in sports, it seems like both the NFL and NBA are trying to outlaw any overt displays of emotion.  The NBA is giving a technical to anyone who reacts negatively to a call, while the NFL penalizes 15 yards to scorers who use the ball as a prop.

Do other fans feel like these are big issues?  I certainly don’t.  I personally find touchdown celebrations interesting – they give me a reason to like the players I find likeable, and hate the players I find hate-able.  And as for the NBA’s new rule, I find it ridiculous, and I know I’m not the only one.  We already have enough professional athletes who don’t appear to care about the game enough, there’s no reason to create more with rules like this.

Are there enough fans upset about these issues that these leagues feel the need to bring down the hammer?  I just don’t understand – that’s why I want to hear from you, Frappers.  Give me your thoughts.


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