Yeah, I know that the New York Yankees dealt their thin skinned malcontent Right Fielder Gary Sheffield yesterday.

They traded him to the defending AL Champion Detroit Tigers for three minor league prospect pitchers.

I think the Frappe should adopt the moniker “Topps” when referring to Sheffield in the future.


‘Cuz he gets traded more than a baseball card.

Let’s recount the teams that Topps has played for:

Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers.

He’s split his time between leagues, 3 with American League teams and 4 with National League teams.

Waitaminit! some of you stat geeks are shouting at your monitor right now. That’s 5 NL teams and 2 AL teams.

Haha, gotcha! He played for the Brewers before they switched to the National League. Don’t mess with Intrinsic.

Let’s break this transaction down.

Gary “Topps” Sheffield got:

  • Reunited with Manager Jim Leyland, that he played for on the Marlins and won a ring with in 1997.
  • A 2 year/$28 million extension from the Tigers.
  • A promise by the Tigers that he won’t play 1st base.
  • Another set of jerseys with a different team and his name on them.

The Yanks got:

  • 3 sets of younger arms to offset the very aged ones they’re packing. One of them being Bronx native RHP Humberto Sanchez.
  • Rid of a crappy 2nd string 1st baseman (Topps himself).
  • To say goodbye to one of the few friends that A-Rod had.

Sheff, er….I mean Topps is saying all the right things for now, but I have him for 2nd week in May in the Sheff New Team Meltdown Pool.


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