No New Ball Blues

Happy days are here again! The NBA season is in session.

TNT hosted a doubleheader to kickoff the season that started with a blowout of the reigning World Champions by the new look Chicago Bulls led by their new free agent acquisition Big Ben Wallace.

The second game featured the Los Angeles Lakers facing their nemesis that eliminated them from the playoffs last season, the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers look better than expected as of this writing at halftime, especially when you consider Kobe, Chris Mihm, and Kwame Brown are out injured.

What more can you ask for than a doubleheader, one featuring your favorite team?

Since I’m pushy I also asked for a solid performance from 3rd string 19 year old Lakers Center Andrew Bynum. Got it.

I asked for the lights to be dimmed in Staples Center except over the floor and got it.

I asked for a big bowl of peanut butter cups and Snickers® on the coffee table, and got it.

The last thing I wanted was the new ball not to be a noticeable negative factor, and it really wasn’t. Unless maybe you were a Miami Heat player and blamed the ball as the reason your team could only score 66 points. I know……… you were focused on the ring ceremony. Shoot, me and my boys could have dropped 45 ourselves.

Time to turn the page, eh?

It’s a bonus that even the commercials are enjoyable for the most part. Who can’t get with Adidas’ message in the “It Takes Five” campaign, or The LeBrons new episode?

Seriously, the main thing I’d like to see though is TNT host Ernie Johnson to completely heal from his cancer treatment, and be around to corral Charles and Kenny for many years to come.


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