BCS Update – USC Loss Fallout

USC got knocked off today.  Most of you were probably rooting for this upset – either because you like parity, or because you had money on Oregon State.  

Lucky for you, BiCoastal Bias has the forethought to show you why this is bad for college football, and he’s about to explain it to you.

Now that USC has lost, there are six undefeated teams.  Boise St. hardly counts, so let’s bring that number down to five: Ohio State, Michigan, West Virginia, Louisville, and Rutgers.  

Ohio State and Michigan play each other in three weeks.  It’s completely safe to say that the winner of this game will not only be undefeated, but playing in this year’s BCS championship game.  

Meanwhile, the other three will be playing the equivalent of a round-robin tournament between now and the end of the season.  It is very . . . very possible that all three of these teams will end up losing one game between now and then.

This implies that we’ll have a one-loss team playing for the BCS championship; and unfortunately, that team will probably be Texas.  

Why unfortunate?  If you aren’t a fan of Ohio State, Michigan, or Texas, and just a fan of good football, you just want to see a good match to close out the year.  Ohio State already creamed Texas once this year, there’s no reason to see a rematch of this one.  If Michigan beats OSU, I can’t imagine that Michigan and Texas will be any better of a matchup.

Perhaps 5% of you would like to see Texas return to the championship.  To you I have this to say: Vince Young is no longer an NCAA athlete.

If we’re lucky, Auburn, or even Florida, finishes the year with a better BCS percentage than Texas . . . but I’d feel so much safer if USC had continued their un-beaten run.


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