If It Quacks Like A Duck……………….

There’s a phenomenon in sports that won’t die. It’s the “What A Surprise” effect of sports content.

Other than to give the 24 hours a day sports talking head programs something obvious to discuss ad nauseum, I really don’t know what purpose it serves. Or much care.

Sorry, but is it really intriguing or a good use of life to follow, track, discuss, and act surprised when:

Drew Bledsoe implodes and gets replaced by a backup?


Ben Roethlisberger gets jacked up, is out for an extended time only to play the next Sunday?


Barry Bonds acts like a jerk?


Kobe Bryant shoots instead of passing?


Terrell Owens is all about Terrell Owens?


A pro (fill in the blank) player tests positive for performance enhancing drugs?


The Oakland A’s dominate in the regular season and quickly fade in the postseason?


A hockey player is spotted with a mullet?

If you haven’t checked our header or read our profiles lately, these types of stories aren’t what got us or keep us in this game. We don’t do the portal thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. We just don’t regurge. Expect raw and laserlike sports coverage. Period.

Now you know.


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