I Like Pitchers Who Cheat

Just when Kenny Rogers was becoming likeable again, he gets himself involved in “Gambler-Gate,” or “Dirt-Gate,” depending on what your local news source opted to name it.

Maybe this World Series won’t be as dreary as fall in Detroit. Or maybe, this World Series is just as dreary, and that’s why sports writers everywhere would rather speculate on what the discoloration on Rogers’ hand is, when they could be talking about a series tied at one.

Either way, this event actually makes me like Kenny Rogers more than I did before; and that’s not saying much because I’ve held a grudge against him ever since his perfect game against my beloved Angels over a decade ago.

But here it comes, and I know I’m going to here it from the respective old schoolers on this one: I’m in favor of pitchers cheating a little to gain the advantage. Seriously, in the past decade of the long ball, they needed any kind of edge that they could get.

I’m talking about the little things like sand paper taped to a non-pitching finger, vaseline under the cap, and pine tar on the glove. So yes, my pitching heroes consist of Kevin Gross, Brian Moehler, Brendan Donnelly, the girl from Bad News Bears, and “Papa Toe” from The Brothers K.

And now Kenny Rogers has made it work on the World Series stage. Add him to the list.


3 thoughts on “I Like Pitchers Who Cheat

  1. My, My, My: You are so willing to forgive the past just because a guy is a cheater. I really thought your sense of justi[n]ce, and standards were more than obtaining unfair advantages at the expense of heart and hard work. Any thing, which includes enhancements, drugs, and gambling on the games of which one is involved, has an effect on the idea inherient in the word ‘sport.’In baseball, the idea that signs are stolen and some trickery in involved is part of the enjoyment of the game. However, if one decides to push the limit and knowningly break the rules–they must pay the consequences. Now, if K. Rogers did it and got away with it–that is part of the game; but we don’t have to like it or admire their bravodity.My personal belief is that it was just sun flower seed stains.Allen


  2. That last comment was a joke right? Put me with the group that feels it’s just part of the game. It’s the classic risk/benefit decision maker, but fans shouldn’t be so critical of the outcomes. Aren’t we the ones to blame for how commercial it’s become? Aren’t we the ones to blame for T.O. outburst or 100 million dollar contracts? So K-Rog uses pine tar and Albert Belle uses corked bats. Create stiff penalties to punish them, but don’t condemn them to baseball hell. I’m all about the tricky stuff in sports. I’ll take Red Light Green Light over tag any day. It’s not because I’m really slow. It’s because I position myself directly behind the caller and yell when one of the other players makes his moves. That’s how I roll.


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