Clutch Is As Clutch Does

I’m writing this in the bottom of the 6th inning of the Cardinals/Mets NLCS Game 7.

What would make me pull my massive frame out of my recliner and boot up the PC to post to you Frappers?

One of the clutchest catches I’ve ever seen in any playoff elimination game.

It’s the top of the 6th in a tied (1-1) game 7. There’s one out and Jim Edmonds is on 1st base.

Playoff challenged (and possibly injured) Cardinals 3rd baseman Scott Rolen comes up to the dish and proceeds to drive a rope deep into left field.

The ball sails over the wall only to be pulled back by New York Mets’ Left Fielder Endy Chavez during a perfectly timed leap and body slam into the wall.

Edmonds is rounding 2nd and Chavez finishes the 7-4-3 double play by throwing out Edmonds at 1st.

Chavez totally redeemed himself for an earlier play in an earlier inning when he botched catching a foul ball in the seats due to his glove getting in the way of the ball.

At the time of this writing, there’s no way to tell who might win this game. All I know is, Game 7’s are as cool as a Slurpee® on a hot summer day.


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