Euro Jordan?

Former NBA superstar and current part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan likes the grade of basketball he sees coming out of Europe.

He recently stated that European players master the fundamentals of the game and that the addition of European teams to the NBA would be a very good idea. He went on to say that Europeans have taken the fundamentals aspect of basketball to a higher level than their NBA counterparts.

He was quoted as saying, “In the United States, we’re too focused on the highlights, dunks and passes. It’s not that we don’t have the players we need (speaking of the recent World Championship US Team that only garnered a bronze medal), but putting together a team becomes difficult under these conditions.”

Very curious coming from the guy that single handedly propelled the pass, dunk, and highlight into a marketing sports staple via tube, movie, and commercial. The dude still runs around blocking a skivvies clad Kevin Bacon paperwad shot even today for Hanes.

NBA Commissioner David Stern thinks the NBA is about 10 years away from adding European teams into the league. Major issue hurdles that need to be resolved include logistics, travel, and newer large sized arenas. Currently there is only one serviceable facility in Cologne, Germany that seats 19,000. More are scheduled to be built starting with a 2007 London arena.

When Magic Johnson Theatres and Shaquille O’Neal 24 Hour Fitness Centers start popping up in Europe, we’ll know they’re ready to ball.


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