Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Say what you will about tonight’s debacle of a Monday Night Football Game, but being the eternal optimist, I saw many positives.

The Chicago Bears were able to prance into Monday and balance the playing field by utilizing that old Saturday at the Park trick “I’ll spot you 20 points”. It’s like when you and your friends could only round up your little brother and his friends to play a pick up game of football. You’d give them 20 points or so to convince them to play and then talk about how impossible it was going to be for you to win and then beat them 24 to 23. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying it’s the way it was back in the day………………and also tonight.

We got to see Sir Charles Barkley during the broadcast playing Kreskin (he stated the Bears would come back) and getting it right. Hopefully Charles’ visit helps my movement to replace Tony Kornheiser with Barkley. We’re activists here at The Sports Frappe. BiCoastal is moving against Tim McCarver, and I’m gonna get Kornheiser moved along. I’ll even consider Dennis Miller.

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Dennis Green should have the benefit of a lot of extra free time very soon, don’t you think? Guess you didn’t have it won after all, eh Coach? They’re called adjustments for a reason.

Edgerrin James is back to setting records. He had the most carries by a player in a game averaging less than 2 yards per carry (36 carries/55 yards).

The game was a turnover extravaganza and featured a another kicker missing a crucial game winning field goal opportunity. Ok, even I don’t see a positive in that, but I wanted to work it in somehow.

This win by the Bears keeps their dream of an undefeated season alive. This is important for two reasons:

  1. The talking heads will be able to extend their inane discussions on whether or not The Bears can dethrone the bitter (allegedly) old men from the ’72 Dolphins.
  2. The Bears still harbor a grudge against the Dolphins for blocking their bid of an undefeated season in 1985.

This game also hailed the rebirth of Joe Namath. Not literally, but figuratively in the person of Cardinal’s rookie QB Matt Leinart. Broadway had Joe, and Hollywood has Matt by way of the Grand Canyon. His second pro start showed a calm demeanor while the game dissolved around him.

If you listen to Moneymouth, and I do, this means Leinart will only have one good game in his career.


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