Baseball Playoffs Continued

Now that I’ve had sometime to reflect on my horrible predictions I made about 2 weeks ago, I’m ready to get back into the baseball playoffs.  Look, you can’t blame me for taking the Twins against the A’s.  No one, not even me, expected Frank Thomas to show up like he did.  Talk about getting the most for your money: a 500,000 dollar player goes yard twice in a playoff game (once against Johan Santana).  I’d say that is money well spent.  While some people are saying that Billy Beane can now put to rest all those questions concerning if he can make it out of the first round of playoffs, he’s still going to have to face my question of whether he can win the World Series.  My guess is no.  

And then there are those pesky Tigers.  I also counted them out (while not completely against the Yankees, I sure didn’t think they’d be sitting on the verge of making the World Series).  Seriously, who are these guys?  Best put, they are a bunch of 20 year olds making the AL look like a bunch of overpaid, aged losers. With the exception of Kenny Rogers, most of these guys are still dealing with acne problems.  It’s unbelievable how good these guys look.  They way they are pitching and hitting, I doubt they are going to any problems on the way to the trophy.  I’m tipping my hat to Jim Leyland for showing everyone how good of a manager he really is.

Oh yeah, and the NL is also playing a similar series, but like I’ve said before, it really doesn’t matter.  These guys are playing a lesser form of baseball and don’t stand a chance.

When it comes down to it, I’m still going to stick with my initial prediction: AL in 5.  The Mets have looked pretty descent (as far as game 1 went).  But after tomorrow, the Tigers will begin to rest while the NL continues to duke it out.  By the time the NL finds a worthy contender, the Tigers will be popping champagne because this World Series has already been decided.    


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