The End Of Histrionics?

I’m not falling for the new NBA ball drama. I think NBA Commissioner David Stern is wanting to create mini controversies to kick off each NBA season. Last year it was the dress code. This year he’s trying to rally around a synthetic ball that gets slippery when it gets wet.

We’ll see.

I hope the “Old Skool No Drama” rule (my name, not the League’s) comes to fruition though.

The League announced that they will no longer allow NBA players to protest and “work the officials” after a call they don’t like. This is supposed to include negative body language like throwing up your hands in disbelief. It’s great if the refs are consistent with the calls and don’t fade on it.

Player paranoia has already kicked in, at least with Pistons’ ref bully Rasheed Wallace. He’s convinced they created this rule to check him. What does he call it? The Sheed rule……….of course.

NBA refs need a lot of corrective work themselves. They seem to believe they’re the talent. It wears me out to endure the 37 debates per game between ref and player.

The worst part of this issue is the negative example that it sets for youth. Yeah, I know, basketball players shouldn’t be raising my kids. They’re not, but also keep in mind that I can’t dunk…….and earn $40 million in the process.

You see the effects of NBA ref wrestling at youth basketball games whether it be NJB or High School age. I don’t care what the sport is, there must be respect for the officials.

This rule change is a good start. Next year I expect them to stop giving star players a different set of rules to play with.


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