One Billion Dollars

Here’s a mind numbing factoid:

Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees have spent almost one billion dollars on players since they last won the World Series in 2000.

In recent years we have definitely seen higher payrolled teams with a competitive advantage that is evident in their results.

But if you’re a die hard small market team like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, or Tampa Bay, you can still believe that your day may eventually come.

Coaching, discipline, chemistry, and good old fashion timing still matter in Major League Baseball. The key in small markets is to have an excellent player strategy including doing deep research on the player desired. This takes a brilliant General Manager and ownership team that are able to agree on the strategy and then have ownership let go of the reins and let the GM do their job.

This may very well be the Yankees’ issue. The letting go part I mean. It’s unfathomable that the Yanks could only win one game in the first round of playoffs this year with the offensive goons they possess. Go through their lineup and you’ll find no holes.

The Yanks were eliminated yesterday by the small market team Detroit Tigers, who just last year received $25 million dollars in revenue sharing money.

Other small market teams that received big bucks last year in revenue sharing and are in the playoffs this year (according to are:

Minnesota Twins – $22 Million
Oakland Athletics – $19 Million

Hang in there UncaLar, your day is coming.


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