NLCS Predictions . . . Sort of

Seeing as how quickly Money Mouth’s American League predictions have turned sour, I figured I better get on board with my National League predictions, before both the Padres and Dodgers are down 0-2.

Okay, so these aren’t so much predictions, as what I’d like to see happen. I think a Dodgers vs. Padres matchup would be a great NLCS. These were both the hottest National League playoff teams down the stretch, the Padres won 20 of their last 28 to get into the playoffs, while the Dodgers pulled out 37 of their last 56.

Throw in the fact that these are division rivals who gave us the best baseball game of the season, and a Padres Dodgers NLCS seems like just what the doctor ordered for this year’s baseball fan.

But, being the reasonable sports blogger that I am, I must say that the New York Mets are my new favorite to win the Series. They’re starting to remind me of last year’s Chicago White Sox club. They locked up a playoff spot early, looked a bit bored down the stretch, and were somewhat inexperienced when it came to October baseball. And yet they won the big one.

It certainly helps the Mets’ cause that the Dodgers are just running into outs at home plate.

So here is rooting for a Dodgers vs. Padres series, though I have little faith in it actually coming about.


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