The Fall Classic

With just a few games left in the regular season and October baseball just around the corner, I think it’s time to bust out my predictions for the fall classic.  And I’m going to do so without really even commenting on the NL.  “Why?” you ask?  Well, that’s easy.  The NL is full of a bunch of sorry, pathetic teams, that’s why.  No matter who goes to the World Series, the AL is going to win 4 games to 1.  With that very bold statement in place, let’s figure out which AL team is going to be crowned as the World Champs.

Our 4 teams heading into the playoffs for the American League are the Yankees, the Twins, the Tigers, and the Athletics.  And just to make things different, let’s take this team by team and deduce to our champion.  

A’s: No matter whom the A’s play in the first round (either the Tigers or the Twins), they are going to lose.  I don’t care how good Frank Thomas has been (and I said he would be all the way back in March), the A’s just don’t have the bats to compete in the playoffs.  Therefore, strike them off the list.  It’s just not going to happen.

Tigers:  This one is a little more complex.  With these guys jockeying for first in the central, I say this one is dependent on if they take the wildcard and subsequently face off against the Yankees in the first round.  If so, I have to say the odds are against them on this match up.  The Tigers have been a strong team but have underachieved since the all-star break.  Remember when people (and I use that loosely in order to make a point) were saying the Tigers will end up with over a 100 wins?  Well, they didn’t do it, and now they are simply trying to cling onto first place.  Good run Tigers, but you won’t be making the big dance either.

Yankees:  It’s always quite trendy to pick the Yankees.  Let’s face it: they are a good team.  With Sheffield back in the lineup, it starts to get scary.  But with Randy Johnson having some back problems, they still lack any kind of a consistent starting rotation.  They are as good as dead in the water.  They might make the ALCS, but they won’t emerge victorious, especially when A-Rod has a nervous breakdown after Yankee Stadium boos him for his first strikeout.  Sad, sad times.

Twins:  Well, that of course leaves those pesky Twins.  They have played too well down the stretch and are too good at home for this October to slip away from them.  A first round match up against the Yankees could prove difficult, but I have faith in the pitching staff of Minnesota that this won’t be a problem.  And don’t forget that this team will quite possibly be hoisting a Cy Young winner, the Batting Champ, and the MVP of the league.  Now that’s pretty good.  My money goes on these guys.

NL:  Okay, I couldn’t leave these guys out.  If the Phillies can make the playoffs, then they might have a chance to compete for the pennant.  Otherwise, I guess you just say the Mets can have it and hope Carlos Beltran shows up again like he did in ’04 so this doesn’t turn into another clean sweep like it’s been for the past 2 years.  As far as I’m concerned though, just flip a coin.  It’s not going to matter who you put out there.  And if you NL fans are upset about that statement, then try putting together a better All-Star team this next year.  If you’ve forgotten, the game counts, and you guys are doing a lousy job of acting like it.


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