All I Have To Say About T.O.

Let me just say that I am not going to do some typical sports fan rant or callous take on today’s Terrell Owens circus of events.

Life is precious, and there’s a lot more at stake here than receptions, wins, rings, respect, or money. There needs to be concern in this case for basic humanity of man’s sake.

I don’t know what happened so I’m not gonna let some glib attempt at humor roll out of my pie hole at someone elses’ expense that may or may not be struggling with deep issues.

The only thing I am gonna say is that if I was a celebrity athlete, I would not want my publicist, whom I pay what I’m sure is a handsome fee, to represent me when I need professionalism and calm in the eye of the storm looking like she just rolled out of bed and in crumpled looking jeans give the press a sound bite that says, “He has 25 million reasons to stay alive.” In case you don’t see this light, she’s referring to the $25 Million that the Dallas Cowboys have him under contract for, as if money alone soothes all ills.

Wow, to me, that’s one of the most callous representations I have EVER seen laid down. Before I saw Kim Etheridge (T.O.’s publicist I’m referring to) do that, the most irresponsible representation of a professional athlete I’d ever seen was Drew Rosenhaus………………Terrell’s agent when he hosted that “No comment, Next question” press conference after the Philadelphia Eagles dismissed Owens last football season.

Get better Terrell. And when you do, get rid of those vulture employees that are circling you.


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