Just Let Ron Coomer Do His Job

This is a little bit late, but I’ve got one more note from my most recent Red Sox game. We had great seats, right behind the third base side camera well; compliments of one of my coworkers. The Minnesota Twins’ on-the-field television analyst Ron Coomer was stationed right in front of us.

A few notes from my experience sitting behind Coomer for the evening. First of all, the on-field man of a baseball telecast has got to be the easiest job in the history of sports television. This guy sat and watched the whole game, only two rows in front of me. He never even had to do an interview. The only difference between him and me was that he had an ear piece, and occasionally made some comments into a microphone. I couldn’t hear everything he said, but I’m pretty sure the comments I was making to my friends were more insightful than his.

At some point late in the game, a Twins fan next to me decided to try and chat it up with Coomer. As he yells “Ronnie,” Coomer kind of motions to his ear piece, as if to say, “I’m going to pretend to not hear you because of this thing.”

Of course, Twins fan doesn’t get the point, and keeps talking, forcing Coomer to take out his ear piece, only to hear the guy inform him that “You hit 20 homers when that actually meant something.” To which Coomer smiled, replaced his ear piece, and returned to watching the game.

For the record, Coomer’s career high in homers was 16, and he did it a year after Sosa and McGwire both passed Maris in the record books. Twins fan: just because a former player is sitting in front of you for three hours doesn’t mean you’ve got to pretend you’re a big fan or something. Just let Ron do his job . . . even if it is one of the easiest jobs in the world.


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