Give It a Rest

Michelle Wie needs to give it rest. As you can tell, I’m not going to dance around the subject on this one. It’s time for Wie to stop trying to play with the men and focus on the fact that she still isn’t that great of a golfer.

Let me clarify that last statement. Even though she isn’t that great of a golfer, she’s still a pretty darn good one. The last time I shot a 14 over on a course was on the intermediate course at the put-put in Anaheim, CA. Wie was able to throw down a 14 over par performance last week at an extremely long course. The only problem is I don’t remember the last time a 14 over par ever qualified a golfer for the cut.

Still, Michelle Wie has insisted on playing in PGA events even though her last two appearances ended in a dead last finish. These last place finishes fall right in line with her track record: in all her other PGA events she has missed the cut completely as well. And let’s not forget that Wie hasn’t even shown that she can beat the ladies either. You got it. Wie is still without an LPGA victory! So what makes her think (or the people that are handing her sponsor exemptions) that she can compete with the men?

I say that as long as Wie goes winless playing on the ladies’ tees, then she might as well forget about even setting foot in the parking lot of a men’s event. Otherwise I’m going to have to continue to endure watching Wie choke on 5 foot puts every Thursday that ESPN insists on following her instead of airing PTI, and quite frankly, I enjoy hearing Tony Kornheiser talk about his fantasy team more than that.


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