Zebras Are Evil Animals

I’m sure I beat SubversiveTheory to the draw in posting this.

You Frappers all know I’m a Sooners honk, so that’s an automatic disclaimer. It’s taken me two days to even be able to type about the scalping that the PAC 10 officials did to Oklahoma over the weekend.

I’m not saying that this is solely responsible for Oklahoma not making it into the National Championship. Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn being too lazy to work started that ball rolling. This merely puts the proverbial nail in the coffin and probably schedules OU Coach Bob Stoops to act more like Dr. Phil this week than Bud Wilkinson.

How bad does a confirmed blunder where the conference commissioner punishes the whole officiating crew (albeit a light punishment if you ask me) suck the life out of a college football team?

Usually I’m one of those “the refs are only human” and “there should always be a human element in the game” guys. In this case though I agree with OU President David Boren that one game is not enough. And I’m sure he appreciates my support.

Should the outcome of a game be able to be changed after it is played? It’s a slippery slope at minimum. This debacle merits a look at what alternatives should be in place. The game was decided by a point in overtime against the Oregon Ducks, so you can very easily state that the two admitted blown calls cost the crimson and cream the game. No argument.

You probably can’t imagine how powerful OU football is in the State of Oklahoma. Think Friday Night Lights on steroids. Back in the USFL days, OU ran their Oklahoma franchise out of State. It truly is the State’s version of a professional sports team. Apologies NO/OKC Hornets fans.

So much for instant replay ensuring the college game’s integrity.


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