An Epic Game For The Ages

I’ll admit that headline was just to get you to read this.

But the season opener Sunday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants was a beaut.

You have the brother versus brother story line, the gazelle like running of Tiki Barber, early season mistakes, a lot of offense from each side, some poor officiating, periodic shots of Mr. and Mrs. Manning looking miserable because they won’t root outright for either team, and a touching brother post game conference at midfield.

My second favorite event of the evening was the home movie shown of little 3 year old Peyton Manning in full football gear in someone’s yard. He’s there with two older boys, and when one of them tries to tackle him by pulling on his neck area, he objects in a whiny, almost crying fashion. It was awesome.

My favorite moment of the evening was in the last quarter when momentum seemed to be with the Giants and they pan to the Giant’s sidelines and Head Coach Tom Coughlin is waving his arms “Angels In The Outfield” style, wanting to get the crowd to raise the noise level during the Colts possession.

Players do this all the time to pump up the crowd but I’ve never seen a coach do it. You have to give it to Coughlin. He’s old skool and knows how to get a team into contention. Problem is he has about a 5 year shelf life before the millionaires he coaches stop listening to him.

Get crackin’ Tommy, the clock is ticking and you have 3 years left.


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