A Full Weekend

It’s actually possible that I watched a little too much sports this weekend. Let me see if I can recount it all. There was Saturday’s Ohio State vs. Texas game, along with a smattering of other college football games; Saturday and Sunday featured the U.S. Open Tennis Championships for both men and women; and on Sunday afternoon I watched all three NFL games broadcast in my region. Somehow, I also had time to catch a D3 college soccer game in person Saturday afternoon, but that feels like ages ago.

A few notes about the weekend:

  • I normally don’t like watching Roger Federer dominate the entire men’s tennis field, but there is something so satisfying about watching him dismantle Andy Roddick. Today’s championship match started up so competitively, with the two splitting the first two sets. The third set was the most exciting, with Roddick playing the crowd, reacting emotionally to each point. Federer broke Roddick’s last serve in the third set to take it, and Roddick withered away during the fourth, basically handing the end of the match to R-Fed. Roddick is so obviously over-emotional to his own detriment, and Federer is the exact obvious.
  • I got a pretty suspicious glance from my girlfriend when I asked my roommate to switch over to Sharapova’s match in the middle of the Ohio State game. This is why women’s sports will never have as much popularity as men’s; because anytime a man roots for a woman, it’s assumed he’s more interested in her looks than her athletic ability. Seriously, Sharapova is my favorite tennis player because I like her style . . . and none of you believe me.
  • Why is no one picking the Patriots as their Super Bowl fave? Bill Belichick is still a genius. On the first play from scrimmage, Brady gets nailed by a blitz for a Buffalo defensive touchdown. So what does he do on the next series? Throw a screen pass to Dillon for a 16 yard gain. This team is unshakeable. I’ll get back to this in a future blog.
  • If Carolina is going to be a legitimate contender, they have to be able to score without Steve Smith in the game.

I’m dreading tomorrow’s Monday night double header. You’re shocked? I know this might surprise you, but the BiCoastal Bias actually has a day job. So while you’re killing time at work trolling blogs, I’m writing them. It’s all for you, reader, so keep reading.


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