The Tuna Versus Terrell

That’s what the media has been trying to convince us of since Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones picked up the Pied Piper of Issues otherwise known as Terrell Owens for three years and $25 million.

I was as guilty of getting taken in as the next dude. Sitting in the ESPN Zone with my family for lunch and trying to wrap my small Oklahoma mind around 4 games at the same time, I made sure I was watching the first Cowboy possession in their first regular season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After the first play which was a successful short pass to T.O. by Cowboy quarterback Drew Bledsoe, I realized I had been had. To quote Malcolm X,“Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!” There was no way Parcells was going to ignore his talented receiver

This was not perpetrated by the media even though they wanted that credit bad. It was not Jerry Jones. It wasn’t even T.O.
It was the old Jedi Master Bill Parcells. He played us all like fiddles. You got the impression he was never down with the acquisition of his new receiver because he refused to comment on it. He challenged T.O.’s manhood by never speaking of him by name and alluding that he didn’t know what he had because he had not seen him in preseason due to injury. He also spent plenty of time praising the talent of T.O’s counterpart on the other end of the line Terry Glenn.

Maybe the biggest punk job was on the Jaguars as that first successful pass play was made against only single coverage. The Jags got the last laugh by overcoming an early 10 point deficit and winning the game.

Parcell’s mind would be used best by figuring out how to quickly get Bledsoe replaced by preseason phenom QB Tony Romo. Maybe he’ll let Terrell take care of that since Bledsoe didn’t pass the ball with enough T.O. play frequency. It would be perfect T.O. timing to pile on his QB while Bledsoe licks his fresh wounds after tossing 3 interceptions.


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