Sports Fan To The Nth Degree

Being constantly immersed in sports all the time like we are here at the Sports Frappe can break you down.

I read, see, and hear stuff that I try to put out of my mind so it doesn’t get the better of me.

Then there are other times where similar themed things pile up until we have to write out our feelings or we’ll explode.

Cathartic for us equals a benefit for you. Not to go Biologist on you, but that’s known as a symbiotic relationship……and we’re the host.

So this particular topic started when I heard of a lady that was embroiled in controversy because she was selling baby bibs on Ebay that had “Damon Sucks” printed on them. I believe Ebay yanked her bib listings, but I’m sure overall it was good for bib sales.

And yes……………she was a Red Sox fan.

Not too long after that instance, I heard of a casket company in England that offered custom coffins complete with the logo of your favorite English soccer (football) team (scroll down after clicking on link).

I’m a big sports fan, but c’mon y’all.

The innocence that is naturally present in a baby, should never be sullied by any article of clothing that calls out anyone or anything for sucking. Period. It reminds me of a young black clad Mother I saw recently who was feeding her baby that was wearing a Cramps bib.

Yeah, I know Frappers……………………………I’m just old and out of touch with cool. You know better than that.

The coffin example is also a step beyond. There are many other issues you need to have lined up before going into the ground. Having your team’s sports logo go with you doesn’t seem like it makes the list.

I started thinking about these two examples and began saying……..Red Sox, soccer,…………………Red Sox, soccer…….over and over. You don’t think………..Naw, couldn’t be. These couldn’t be the same fans…………..could they?

I think this picture (a little graphic) says it all.

Best of luck in the next World Cup, Sox fans.


3 thoughts on “Sports Fan To The Nth Degree

  1. calling the four year old with a red sox logo emblazoned on his jacket giving “the finger” to most likely a yankee or an umpire “(a little graphic)” is like saying those gang-banging r@!#$% fans from los angeles are just ‘high spirited’ when they beat a steeler fan into a coma, knifed a charger fan, and threw a cup of human urine on me, a bronco fan – seriously, your point is funny, and i get just how much you don’t get futbol — love ya’ bro!


  2. So if your take was put in the form of an SAT answer it would go as follows:Getting flipped on by a juvenile Red Sox fan is to not getting soccer (futbol)as High spirited is to getting beaten, knifed, and urined on.How does the urine end up in a cup in the stadium anyway? Don’t answer that, I really don’t want to know.Raider fan is a living, breathing reality TV series. Just don’t tell them I said that.Intrinsic


  3. dude, i suck at math –i thought the “converse property” was an important shoe experiment in high school – if memory serves, i got a cumulative total of 750 on my sat’s –i don’t get it, but you always make me laugh –okay, most times the ignorance is an act, but you ALWAYS make me laugh!


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