Bringing Down Charlie Brown

It was just a matter a time until the whole steroid and baseball cocktail took down one of my childhood heroes.

I read this court transcript exposing Charlie Brown as another in an increasingly long line of juicing baseball players with shock. Where will this epidemic stop?

It seems that in order to get that one win, CB bowed to the lure of the shortcut that steroids and it’s vile relatives have to offer.

Worse yet, he rolls over on the rest of the gang ala Rafael Palmeiro with little prompting.

This admission of steroids use explains Mr. Brown’s hearing disorder that distorts sound and is widely known as “Roid Ear”.

It doesn’t really surprise this reporter that these illicit controlled substances originated from that hippie bird Woodstock. Nor is it a surprise that Peppermint Patty juiced like a fiend. That dude could hit balls a country mile.

In a Sports Frappe exclusive, we were able to secure a picture of the wild dance party that is documented in the transcript.

Where will this madness end? Did Bingo Long, or Casey At Bat also cheat?


2 thoughts on “Bringing Down Charlie Brown

  1. Oh No Say it ain’t so!I swear I’m going to have to quit reading at the Sports Frappe.You’ve shown your bias in the past about many of my hero’s. I can handle your taking shots at the likes of Bonds, Riley, Angels,Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers and all involved with those teams. Then the shot on Woodstock, which to me represents my lone trek to “mecca” from my yourthful days of searching for truth. But to accuse Charlie Brown of juicing, I am appalled and can no longer read such drivel. Next thing you know, you’ll be attacking another saint like Coach Bud Wilkinson. And I can’t be a reader of such!!!


  2. C’mon now, you know that I know that Bonds is not one of your heroes. That was a test wasn’t it?You’ll hear no smack from me on Bud Wilkinson. Growing up in a Crimson and Cream family, we had to kiss his picture everytime we entered our house.Intrinsic


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