Agassi vs. Baghdatis

While I am far from a tennis fan, Money Mouth knows when to give due where due is due, or something like that.  Tonight I decided to interrupt my home viewing of The Big Lebowski with Andre Agassi’s match against Marcos Baghdatis.  Some of you are giving your computer screens a puzzled look right now, but that’s because you’ve been closed off to the world for the past few weeks prepping for your fantasy football draft.  Seriously, take a break.  Your self-centered nature has caused you to miss out on the fact that Agassi will be retiring after this U.S. Open.

Back to the point: with every match potentially being Agassi’s last, it’s not surprising that everyone in the stadium and across the United States short of Baghdatis himself and his coach are rooting for Agassi to go out on top.  So I placed “the Dude” on pause and devoted my attention to the final set of this incredible match (like I said, I’m not a huge tennis fan so one set is enough for me).  And as it looked like Baghdatis had the upper hand, little did he know he was about to enter into a world of pain.

In the real world, Agassi (36 years old) would seem to be the likely candidate to break down physically before Baghdatis (21 years old) in a 3 hour plus match.  But when Baghdatis pulled up with a bad quad cramp in the final points of the match, you knew the advantage was swing to the veteran and we were getting that rare glimpse into the bizarre-o world.  After a hard fought deuce that went back and forth for what seemed to be an hour (it was my suspicion that Agassi was simply trying to wear down the injured Baghdatis), Agassi won the point and marched onto victory.

No description of this match will give it justice, so I’ll spare you the rest of the details.  In the end, all you need to know is Agassi will be moving onto the next round and he certainly has an opportunity to continue on with this fairytale ending to his career.  In the meantime, I have a movie to finish.


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