Red Sox 2 Angels 1

This was the night that the streak would end; Jered Weaver’s streak that is.  He lost his first game ever, on a 1-2 pitch that David Ortiz took out to right field.  That was all it took.  He left the game behind 1-0; Donnelly gave up another run; and Howie Kendrick tried to tie it up for him on a shot to left with two runners on, but Wily Mo Pena let loose a perfect throw to Doug Mirabellia at home, who slyly faked Rivera into sliding late.  

I guess that was all it took.  The Red Sox played better defense than the Angels and it made the difference.  Although, Kennedy and Cabrera continue to turn the eye-popping double plays; in the ninth, a grounder essentially bounced off of Kennedy’s glove right to Cabrera, who turned two easily.  

The game had some extra intensity, probably because both of these teams are five games back of their respective division leaders, leaving a hint of desperation.  Which leads me to check back in on some predictions I made a few months ago, April 8th to be exact.  

I’m sticking with the White Sox for the American League.  Their pitching staff isn’t nearly what it was last year, but with Garland’s return to form, they’re postseason experience should carry them over the Tigers, (I’m not even going to mention the Yankees in this blog).  

In the National League, I’m taking back my St. Louis choice.  At this point, it’s questionable whether or not the Cardinals will even make the playoffs.  I think they will, but the only way the Mets lose in the NLCS is if the Dodgers go on a tear twice as hot as their post All Star break one.

As for my prediction that the Wild Card would come from the AL west, clearly wrong.  As for Barry Bonds?  The jury’s still out: right now we have 24 games sat out, 17 homers.


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