Happy Frappday!

Hello Frappe Fans!

Knowledge Droppings back again to let you in on a special day around here. Today is the one year anniversary of the introduction of a special sports editorial site that changed the face of online sports journalism.

It introduced a new sports blog flavor that was unique in every way to all those cookie cutter sites with cutting insights like “Fill In The Blank Sucks!” Those sentiments were very fresh. In 10th grade.

It ended the reign of parroting portals whose sole intent seemed to be to propagate the idea of the sports fan as a simpleton who wanted to check out sports “babes” on so called sports sites and click with interest on the links of those sites that offered everything from those beer drinking helmets to the fountain of youth in the form of little blue pills. Or yellow……..or whatever color they come in.

They weren’t so much sport sites as they were sporn sites.

Anyway, you get the idea.

One year ago today was like lighting a match in a deep dark cave……………filled with methane gas.

Sports, and the web in general will never be the same. Now you have to engage in thought, and have a well reasoned opinion to be considered a sports junkie.

I am honored to ask Mr. BiCoastal Bias, Mr. MoneyMouth, and Mr. IntrinsicBent to share their thoughts and memories of this first year. Take it away your highnesses. (I have no way to contact SubversiveTheory, he’s very skittish about that)

I know………I’ll get back to my blender.

BiCoastal Bias: My most significant memory from our first year at the Frappe would have to be the opportunity to sit down in a room with Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, he’s not much of a sports fan, so I couldn’t really use anything from the interview in a blog.

But nonetheless, it just goes to show how working at the Frappe has put me in situations I wouldn’t find myself in otherwise. I went behind the lines, sporting an Angels jersey at Fenway Park, I scoped out all of the denominations of church basketball, and worst of all, I put up with Intrinsic Bent’s talk about the “Golden Era” of sports, whenever that was.

Why? It’s all for you, reader; so keep reading.

MoneyMouth: My experiences here at the Frappe have been a little different than my fellow coworkers in that I have reached an incredible height of fame in Japan. It’s true. I can’t set foot in Tokyo without having to run from the media and adoring fans begging to hear my thoughts on the new season of the Viking. As long as I stay on this side of the Pacific, I can live my life. If only Beckham would take note he might be able to live his life in peace as well.

I’ve enjoyed my time here at the Frappe immensely and I pledge to you that I will continue to dive headfirst into those lesser known sporting events called “soccer” and “darts.” But don’t worry. I’ll continue to call it like it is whether it’s about Bonds or Floyd Landis.

To celebrate this Frappe Day, I’m starting the tradition of throwing confetti on my bushes and eating ravioli. I know, it’s weird, but that’s just how I roll. Join me if you care, otherwise, get off my lawn.

IntrinsicBent: I remember the foundation of the Sports Frappe as if it were just a year ago. I remember brainstorming with BiCoastal under the stars and pines of a California State Forest sky.

And no Frappers, no one was Jake, or Heath or any other “hilarious” concepts you sick puds can conjure up.

I remember breaking down that he could be the smart one, and I could be the good looking one. He argued that he had to be both or he’d take his laptop and go home.

Then I told him he could be the East Coast dude, and I could be the West Coast genius. He then refused to ever be East Coast. I pointed out that he lived there, but he would not budge.

Finally we agreed he’d be the young one and I’d be the old one (begrudgingly on my part).

I told BB I got to name our endeavor since I was the old dude. He asked me what I wanted to name it and I went into this long descriptive tale before I stated “Sports Frappucino®”.

He rolled his eyes like only he does, looked disgusted, and said, “Great, and maybe we can get sued by Starbucks® by week two.”

Oops, hadn’t thought about that one. Great, now my new business partner was thinking like a lawyer before we were really even business partners. Not a good sign. It’s like they say……….What do you call a 1000 lawyers in the bottom of the ocean?………….a good start.

But I didn’t even flinch. Steely eyed and square jawed I looked at him and simply said………………”arm wrestle ya for it.”

He laughed (more like giggled) but started rolling up his sleeve. I knew I had him now, because I could call upon my old skool treachery and weight.

Long story short, he kept beating me and I did the nerd, “how about two out of three” routine until finally somehow he had me on the ground with my arm behind my back, while he gave me noogies and made me say a bunch of demeaning stuff about my Mom.

Then he uttered the magic words that forever changed what it meant to be a sports fan. IT SHALL HENCE FORTH (yeah, he really said that) BE CALLED “THE SPORTS FRAPPE”.

Wow. I told him it was brilliant, and even though I was under the duress of being pinned to the ground, I really meant it.

So it’s been a quick year of solid and salient sports insight. We added an intern that we have never been able to get rid of (more on him later) in Knowledge Droppings, recruited fresh young talent that is bilingual and loves minor sports and new trends in MoneyMouth, and then somehow got hacked by some paranoid, Oliver Stone wannabe calling himself some ridiculous name.

Read again the gem that kicked off this sports horn of plenty.


Now for the bone to pick with Knowledge Droppings. Why are you posting this two days after our actual birthday of August 19th?

You’re hopeless dude.

Thanks Frappers. We look forward to bringing you the bigger and better in the next year.


One thought on “Happy Frappday!

  1. It’s like they say……….What do you call a 1000 lawyers in the bottom of the ocean?………….a good start.IAm says:I always thought you were the brilliant one until you got personal. And, where would sports be without the legal mind–they would probably all be on steroids and no union; now that is worth thinkin about under those big pines!


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