Nightmare at Fenway

Since Red Sox Nation loves naming their debacles so much, (Bucky “Bleeping” Dent, The Curse of the Babe, Bill Buckner, etc.) I propose this weekend ought to go down in history as the Nightmare at Fenway. In the first four games of a five game series, the Yankees won two blowouts, and staged two late come from behind victories; with the fifth game getting underway in a couple hours.

This weekend marks a serious turning point. First off, it signifies the huge turnaround in the Yankees season. A month and a half ago, it looked like we’d probably see a Yankee-less playoff tree for the first time since nineteen ninety-something. Now any playoff scenario must include the team from the Bronx . . . and the rest of the nation groans. It turns out that Bobby Abreu was just what the doctor ordered, and each player that comes off the DL is like a New York Christmas in the summer.

But more importantly, this weekend represented . . . dare I say it . . . that 2004 was a fluke. I had been wooed into thinking that something cataclysmic had erupted that fateful year, and perhaps the Sox and Yankees would go into the next century as near equals. It was quite short-lived. In 2005, the Yankees won the division, but with an equal record to Boston, they had only won one more head to head match up to win the tiebreaker. When both teams got knocked out of their respective divisional series, the season went down as a legitimate tie.

But the dismal beating that occurred here at Fenway this weekend gives us a clear picture as to which direction the tide is turning. Don’t get me wrong, these teams will continue to be bitter rivals, but New York is clearly back on top. Only if something else cataclysmic happens this afternoon do the Sox have a chance at redeeming their season, like if Johnny Damon spontaneously combusts during the seventh inning stretch.

Speaking of Damon, he is an absolute dagger in the collective heart of Red Sox Nation. It wasn’t such a big deal when he left and Boston was still winning; but now that he leads this Boston demise while forming what appears to be a Don Mattingly Mustache Club for Men in the Yankee clubhouse, Red Sox fans have got to be wailing. Whereas the 2004 “Idiots” were the anti-Yankees led by J.D. himself, suddenly he’s brought Boston’s winning formula to the enemy: the growth of abnormal hair.

I hear fans nationwide criticizing the Fenway faithful for booing Johnny Damon while cheering Pedro Martinez. As the BiCoastal Bias, it’s my job to explain this odd mindset to the rest of you. It’s as simple as this: Player A swears he’d never play for the Yankees, and then signs with them; Player B claims he wouldn’t mind playing for the Yankees, and then doesn’t. Who has more integrity in your eyes?

Knowledge Droppings is begging me to tell him who A and B are. I’ll let you figure it out.


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