Controlled Anger and the Dream Blog

As I was drifting in and out of sleep last night, (watching Sports Center of course) I happened to catch a random tennis highlight. The loser of whatever match this was threw her tennis racket to the ground in that careful way that insures her racket will bounce back unharmed.

You know what I mean – if a tennis player does the tomahawk chop on the racket, that thing is going to come up useless. But when you throw the racket down face first, so that the impact of the ground is evenly distributed across the entire frame, that thing bounces up as good as new.

Whoever discovered this method of throwing the racket should go down in tennis history right next to Walter Clopton Wingfield. How many broken rackets have been saved? Its genius comes in the form of “controlled anger.”

Controlled anger is a virtue that can be used in all the major sports. It takes some control to know which four-letter combinations can be yelled at an umpire without getting thrown out; and I think if Ricky Bobby had used some controlled anger in “Talladega Nights,” he may have actually beaten Jean Girard.

Okay, I’ll admit, those comparisons suck. But that’s because as I drifted back to sleep last night, I dreamt the most amazing blog in which I mathematically concluded that each dynasty in history used controlled anger to rise to the top. Unfortunately, when I awoke, the only thing I could remember from this dream-blog was the last line. So here it is, from the blog you’ll never read:

Controllled Anger: The difference between winners and losers . . . or just the difference between broken rackets?


One thought on “Controlled Anger and the Dream Blog

  1. this pretty much spoils it for me.. i like to see destruction.. i like to see how an athlete can be so upset that they no longer seem to care about the tools they use.. i don’t care if they throw something yet preserve that something’s integrity, unless they throw that something AT something (or someone) else which CAN be damaged.


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