Sign Of The Times

I’ve broken down before how important it is to adapt and flex as you mature.  It’s a simple illustration:  If you have the choice between being a virus or a dinosaur, you pick the virus.  The dinosaur didn’t adapt and died, while the virus mutates to fit it’s surroundings and flourishes.  Yeah, it’s an old sales motivation spiel.

I’m actually a ‘tweener who has solid memories of growing up in a golden era of sports, respects those that built the sports before that, but still embraces many newer trends.

That’s what makes this viewpoint strange for me.

The San Diego Chargers gave cornerback Quentin Jammer a 5 year  extension, that with the remaining 2 years of his existing contract, makes him a Charger through 2012.

Having superstar players play their careers out for one franchise is one of my favorite things in sports.  Having a player want to do that and not play the “I’m going to explore my market value” card is even stronger.

Here’s where the new skool coldness factor comes in for me though.  

This admirable and wise decision is precisely the wrong kind of decision for this day and age of pro sports.

If Jammer’s star diminishes unexpectedly, or is hampered by nagging injuries down the road, the Chargers will be saddled with a player that can’t be moved.

The source did not say whether or not the extension was guaranteed, but the NFL still writes very few guaranteed contracts.

San Diego just climbed out of the Ryan Leaf era money and draft picks pit that they dug for themselves awhile back.

Trying to win in pro sports can seem like a no win situation.  


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